SafeAlign: Safety Contacts

SafeAlign: Safety Contacts

June 21, 2018

In early June, operational leaders attended the Safety Contacts workshop, the next step in the SafeAlign process. This is the second of four planned workshops with the ultimate goal of helping change the safety culture at GUC.

In the session, participants learned how to conduct a safety contact. Essentially, it’s a method for leaders to observe employees in action, recognize safe and at-risk behaviors, and provide feedback based on what they observe and learn. These contacts are also a way to engage in conversation about safety and exposures in the workplace.

It’s similar to a Lighthouse observation, but it’s important to note that there are some differences:

You’ll notice that supervisors are the ones doing the safety contacts. Yes, expect to see supervisors all the way up to our CEO out in the field, conducting safety contacts. This helps management at all levels better understand the exposures our employees have at GUC. They will end up more engaged and share in the responsibility for safety in our daily work lives, which is what our safety survey last year indicated that our employees wanted.

In late June, these same operational leaders move from the classroom to the field for personal coaching and feedback on how to perform an effective safety contact.

In October, SafeAlign classroom training will resume with the Understanding Influencing Behavior (UIB) workshop.

Safety Contact Definition

An interaction with a frontline employee(s), initiated by a supervisor or manager in which:

  Exposure is observed
  Feedback is provided
  A discussion is held to strengthen understanding of exposures