Lighthouse Barrier Removal – Stores Forklift

Lighthouse Barrier Removal – Stores Forklift

October 25, 2019

Identifying and removing barriers to working safely is one of the tangible parts of the Lighthouse process. When we can “fix” something and make it work more safely, that is a win!

The small forklift at Stores is an example of a barrier that was removed recently.  During an observation, it was noted that the forklift used to go between the yard and Stores was awkwardly carrying a variety of items that could easily fall off or impede the driver’s ability to safely navigate. Some items where laid across the front of the forklift, some were held in place with bungee cords, or simply teetering in place.

To address this issue, Stores worked with the Garage, where a metal box was fashioned that would hold the necessary items securely. “It has made a big difference,” said Mike Carmon, Stores Warehouse Technician III. “Having all the supplies we need with us is much easier and safer now.”

Take a look at the before and after photos below. What a difference! 


Forklift Before
Forklift After