Construction Underway at New Operations Center

Construction Underway at New Operations Center

October 7, 2019

Site work and building construction are well underway at our new Operations Center on Highway 43. Site work, which began in March, is part of the process that prepares a site for vertical construction. This can include land grading, excavation, driveway/sidewalk installation, and some utilities installations to name a few. While site work continues, construction on some of the buildings began in July.

Building Plans
As a recap, the project will be constructed in phases, and plans for Phase One include:

  • Engineering and Operations Building (Engineering, Crews, Call Center, Station One, and Occupational Health Clinic)
  • Systems Support Building (Metering, Substation, Water and Gas Shops, Load Management, IT Help Desk area, and Training Room)
  • Central Stores Warehouse (Stores Warehouse and laydown yard)
  • Fuel Island
  • Site improvements including utilities, drive accesses, parking and circulation areas, landscaping, and stormwater facilities
  • Regional Sewer Pump Station

Construction Update
Construction began in July, and the following progress was made by late September:

  • Engineering and Operations – under slab utilities (plumbing, electric, etc.) and foundation footing completed; concrete slab poured; elevator pit dug; construction of steel framework is underway.
  • Systems Support Building – work on foundation footing and under slab utilities continues.
  • Central Stores Warehouse – gravel has been laid to preserve the soil.
  • Regional Sewer Pump Station (will serve the Operations Center and future development of the surrounding area) – land has been cleared for construction.
  • Storm drainage – storm drainpipe installation began.
  • Sewer Piping – installation of some sewer piping began.
  • Ditches – improvements to ditches for stormwater runoff along Rock Springs Road entrance began.

In the coming months, GUC crews will begin installing utilities and lights. The project remains on track for completion by December 2020.