2018 ElectriCities Awards of Excellence

2018 ElectriCities Awards of Excellence

April 17, 2018

Five Awards of Excellence Received

We all work hard every day, and it's good to receive some recognition for the outstanding job we do, day in and day out. Greenville Utilities recently received Awards of Excellence in the following five categories from ElectriCities of North Carolina:

Grid Modernization- promote investment in public power communities' electric distribution systems and in technology to ensure safety and reliability, and exceed customer expectations;

Value of Public Power- communicate the value of electric system ownership to key stakeholders;

Wholesale Power Cost- provide competitive and stable wholesale electric rates that meet the power supply need of Power Agency Members;

Workforce Planning and Development- promote a workforce plan to attract, develop, and retain the necessary human talent to provide safe, reliable power and lead public power forward; and

Continuous Improvement- constantly review and enhance all aspects of public power, focus on cost reduction and increased efficiencies in current and future operations.

GUC has won awards from ElectriCities in the past. This year's awards are new, created to reflect ElectriCities' updated strategic plan.

ElectriCities is an organization that represents cities, towns, and universities that own their electric distribution systems. Greenville Utilities is a member of ElectriCities, along with more than 90 other members in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.