Lighthouse Focus on Behavior: PPE

Lighthouse Focus on Behavior: PPE

July 10, 2018

One of the behavior Lighthouse observers look for during observations is the appropriate use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We’ve noticed an uptick in PPE marked as unsafe, so we wanted to provide some reminders.

PPE is crucial in keeping you safe. There are four areas of your body you need to protect: your head, eyes, ears, and hands.

Your Head
To protect your head, it’s important to wear a hard hat in situations when anything could hit your head.

Your Eyes
To keep your eyes safe, you should wear safety glasses, googles, or a face shield, depending on the job.

Your Ears
For your ears, it’s important to protect your hearing by wearing ear plugs, or ear muffs when working in loud environments.

Your Hands
To protect your hands from injury, you should wear the appropriate gloves for the job.

GUC supplies a wide variety of PPE for employees.  Visit Stores to get the right equipment for you and your job.  For custom eyewear and ear plugs, visit our Occupational Health Clinic.

Protect yourself and stay safe!