Honoring All For Their Service

Honoring All For Their Service

November 30, 2020

On November 11th, Greenville Utilities observed Veteran's Day, as we do each year. We'd like to take this opportunity in Spotlight to honor veterans currently working at GUC. Their past and present service to our country is admirable. Please join us in honoring the following veterans:

Gary Allen, U.S. Marine Corps, 20 Years

Matthew Board, U.S. Marine Corps, 4 Years

Joe Bronsink, U.S. Marine Corps, 6 Years

Jeffrey Clemons, U.S. Army, 12 Years

Toby Corey, U.S. Army Reserve Active, 6 Years

Tom Culver, U.S. Army, 4 Years

Adam Cross, U.S. Navy Reserve Active, 8 Years

Randy Emory, U.S. Navy Reserve, 13 Years

Ben Gibbs, U.S. Army, 7 Years

Keith Godbey, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves & Army National Guard Reserves, 13 Years

Luke Hagee, U.S. Marine Corps, 4 Years

Troy Heath, U.S. Navy, 6 Years

Steve Hedgepeth, U.S. Air Force, 4 Years

Scott Jablonski, U.S. Navy, 5 Years

Harold Jones, U.S. Army & National Guard, 27 Years

Jerry Jones, U.S. Marine Corps, 2 Years

Keith Jones, U.S. Navy, 6 Years

Zack Kruger, U.S. Marine Corps, 4 Years

Travis Lancaster, U.S. Navy, 4 Years

Kelly Mayo, U.S. Army National Guard, 1994-2016

Billy Moseley, U.S. National Guard Reserve Active, 12 Years

Kendra Nettles, U.S. Army, 2 Years

Jeff Oakley, U.S. Army National Guard, 8 Years

Nathan Peele, U.S. Army, 4 Years

Julius Phillips, U.S. Marine Corps, 6 Years

George Reel, U. S. Air Force, 4 Years

Rob Sealey, U.S. Air Force, 6 Years

Gustavio Smith, U.S. Marine Corps, 4 Years

Randy Stokes, U.S. Air Force, 4 Years

James Thronburg, U.S. Navy, 6 Years

Mickey Tripp, U.S. Coast Guard, 4 Years

Robert Veale, U.S. Army, 8 Years

Christopher Wallace, U.S. Air Force National Guard Reserve Active, 8 Years

Louis Wallace, U.S. Army, 8 Years

Calvin Whitehead, U.S. Navy Reserves, May 2013-present

Bert Wyrick, U.S. Army, 3 Years