Tyrell Johnson Retires

Tyrell Johnson Retires

July 26, 2022

Tyrell Johnson, Operator III at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), has retired after 28 years with GUC. Along with the other Operators, he monitored wastewater treatment operations, making sure they are safe and protect the environment. This includes treatment, disinfection, and quality control of the treated wastewater before it is returned to the river. Tyrell was also responsible for operating and monitoring large equipment, like pumps and the belt filter press for biosolids. When Tyrell joined GUC in 1994 as an Operator I, there were 10 remote pump stations, and he retired working with 44 stations.  

“There are wonderful, hard-working people at GUC,” said Tyrell. “They are co-workers, but they are also my friends. We always help each other. I have really enjoyed my 28 years here. GUC has been wonderful for me and my wife.” 

Tyrell's wife, Lisa, is a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Gas Department. They have been married for 21 years. They love to travel, which he hopes to do more of in his new free time along with fishing and listening to jazz. Tyrell also enjoys creating custom-made knifes. “There is something special about taking a piece of raw steel and a piece of wood to make a tool that lasts over 300 years,” he said.  

Tyrell is an active member of the Knights of Columbus charity organization. He looks forward to volunteering more with them as well as helping the NC Baptist Men Recovery Team and volunteering at St. Peter’s where they attend church. But first, Tyrell is taking a cross-country trip with WWTP Operator Julius Phillips – on their dirt bikes.  

Tyrell, we wish you the best of luck in your retirement endeavors!