Barrier Removed: Tonka, the Mighty Forklift

Barrier Removed: Tonka, the Mighty Forklift

October 31, 2017

The staff at Stores relies on forklifts to move all the heavy items in our warehouse. During an observation, it was discussed that we need a forklift properly rated for lifting heavier items, like transformers. If an item is too heavy for a forklift, it could tip over, potentially causing serious injury to the person driving the forklift, or anyone nearby. It was suggested that Stores purchase a forklift rated for lifting very heavy items to avoid an at-risk situation. 

Our new forklift, affectionately referred to as "Tonka," is now in service. Not only does it give us a safer option, it's more effective from a time and cost perspective, as we had been arranging to have a crane operator come to Stores to move transformers. Now, with our new forklift, we are able to handle these big jobs safely and more conveniently. Check out to watch a short video about Tonka.

Chalk up another barrier removed, thanks to Lighthouse!

Lighthouse hit an important milestone in October! We met our number of observations goal! This is important because it means that Lighthouse is impacting employees an average of once per month — which is our contact rate goal. That keeps safe behaviors reinforced and helps to reduce at-risk behaviors. This consistent rate of observations will also help to identify more barriers that Lighthouse can help alleviate. All this helps us go home to our loved ones safe and sound every day. Congrats, Lighthouse