Our Biggest Risk

Our Biggest Risk

February 28, 2022

Every single day, GUC employees perform work that exposes them to a wide variety of risks. Those exposures can lead to many kinds of injuries, some more serious and life-changing than others. The most extreme exposures are known as SIFs, which stands for Serious Injury or Fatality. 

At GUC, our most common SIF exposure is something we all do just about every single day: driving. Whether it’s a line truck, a pick-up truck, a backhoe, machinery, or a regular car, driving is what puts us at the most risk for a life-changing, or life-ending, injury.  

The good news is that we have strategies to help keep us safe while driving! Think back to your Smith Driving Training and always remember the 5 Keys: 

Key 1.  Aim High In Steering 
Key 2.  Get the Big Picture 
Key 3.  Keep Your Eyes Moving 
Key 4.  Leave Yourself An Out 
Key 5.  Make Sure They See You 

Keep your eyes out for Smith Driving training and refresher training sessions coming soon!