Barrier Removed: Electric Jack

Barrier Removed: Electric Jack

March 16, 2018

Along with reinforcing safe behaviors, one of the best things about Lighthouse is identifying a barrier to safety, and helping to remove it. When a barrier is identified during an observation, and a solution is discovered, we all benefit. Here in Spotlight, we'll continue to highlight barriers that Lighthouse has helped remove. Here's an example.

Operations crews use trailers to haul a variety of equipment to job sites.

During an observation, it was noted that the manual crank handle used on the jacks to hook up the trailers put employees at risk for injury. Since the equipment was usually heavy, the cranking required repetitive, difficult pushing and pulling that could cause a back injury. Some handles were situated in a manner that employees were at risk from pinch points and had to be careful not to scrape their hands.

To alleviate this risk, solar-powered electric jacks have been installed on trailers. This eliminates the risk of injury, and makes the job more efficient as well. Now, with a push of a button, the job that used to require some serious strain is done with ease.