Lee Johnson Retires

Lee Johnson Retires

June 12, 2018

Water Resources Systems Supervisor Lee Johnson recently retired after 38 years of service with Greenville Utili¬ties. Lee began his career at GUC as an Equipment Operator and was in his current position since 1987. He was responsible for five crews whose jobs range from medium to heavy construction jobs to troubleshooting service work. The construction crews are primarily responsible for installing water/sewer services off our existing mains and repairing any water/sewer leaks, while the two service crews focus on repairing small water service leaks and clearing sewer blockages that occur on service lines.

Lee and his wife, Margie, have two adult children, Kimberly and Charlie, as well as three grandchildren, Austin, Rilee, and Reagan. Margie retires later this summer, and they are looking forward to spending more time together and doing some volunteering in the community. Lee is a Deacon at St. Delight Missionary Baptist Church, and will continue his activities there as well.

“I want to thank God for giving me 38 years to work with good people at GUC – some of the best people,” said Lee. “Nobody works alone, and we came together as a team to always do our best. I will miss everyone. I appreciate all the help and support through the years.”

Congratulations, Lee! And best wishes in your retirement!