Former Commissioners Dinner

Former Commissioners Dinner

May 21, 2018

There are times when it’s easy to lose touch with people who are important to us. That’s especially true when someone is finished with their time on the GUC Board of Commissioners.

One way we stay connected to our former Commissioners is through an annual lunch or dinner. This year’s event was a dinner at Brook Valley Country Club. About 50 people gathered, including current and former Commissioners, and even one former Commissioner who was on the Board when the Mumford Road Operations Center opened in 1979.

Following the social and dinner, General Manager/CEO Tony Cannon provided the group with an update on our revised Strategic Plan and the new SafeAlign process. Chief Administrative Officer Chris Padgett then gave a presentation on plans for the new Operations Center followed by Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Jason Manning’s details of money-saving conservation initiatives at the Plant. Water Resources Plants Engineer David Springer wrapped up the evening with an update on both the Water Treatment Plant and the water distribution system’s upcoming expansions.

 “It’s important that we keep in touch with our former Commissioners,” said Tony. “They are the ones who helped us build the systems we currently use, and it’s important that they know about GUC’s upcoming changes, opportunities, and challenges. Just like with our retirees, even after their years of service are over, they still feel a connection to us, and it’s important for us to keep them informed and connected.”

GUC will host a similar event for retirees in June.