Changing of the Guard in Lighthouse

Changing of the Guard in Lighthouse

January 31, 2017

The Lighthouse process has a new Facilitator.  Brian Greer, Maintenance Mechanic III at the Water Treatment Plant, took the reins in January.

The Facilitator's role is crucial to the success of Lighthouse. It's an 18-month special assignment during which Brian will work with the Lighthouse Steering team, our current Observers, as well as coordinate, promote and further develop the process. He'll be spending half his time in his new office in the Human Resources wing, and half at the Water Treatment Plant, usually in week-long increments.

Brian has served on the Steering Team since the very beginning, back in 2013, when GUC developed Lighthouse to meet our specific safety needs. "I've enjoyed being involved with Lighthouse since the start," said Brian. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to spend more time developing the process and taking it to the next level.  We've got a great foundation to build on."

The facilitator position is designed to be a temporary assignment. The first Lighthouse Facilitator, Blake Horton, oversaw the implementation of the process and helped get Lighthouse up and running. "Blake did a great job getting Lighthouse off the ground, and we have had some great successes so far with the process," said Brian. "We owe a lot to the work he has done." Blake is now working full-time in the Meter Department.

We all know how important safety is here at GUC, and Lighthouse is a key component of our efforts to make sure we all work safely.  Congrats to Brian for taking the lead — be sure to give him a high five and join in the process.