Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

December 20, 2018

Occasionally, we ask employees during the holiday season to share stories that are published in the December issue of Spotlight. This year, we asked employees to share one or two of their wishes for the holidays. You can read a handful here or check out the video above of all the wishes!


“A cure for cancer is all I ever wish for.” – Debra Miller, Legal

“I wish for good health and a Merry Christmas for family and friends.” – Willie Boyd, Gas

“I wish for my family and friends to have a Merry Christmas and, before the year ends, that I kill me a nice buck.” – Chris Rouse, Gas

“I wish for everyone to embrace the moment, love each other, love their brother and neighbor, and just enjoy it for what it is and put material things aside.” – Kevin Lockamy, Garage

“I have two wishes. One is for my daughter to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Second, I wish for Duke to win the National Championship.” – Ron Cullipher, Gas

“My daughter, Taylor, is living in Texas, and this is her first time away from us for Christmas. So I wish her a Merry Christmas in Texas!” – Lou Norris, General Manager’s Office

“My Christmas wish is for my family, friends, coworkers and myself to have a good year next year. And I’d like a million dollars.” – Kendra Fields, Customer Relations

“My Christmas wish is to grow my family this year.” – Amanda Wall, Finance

“My Christmas wish is for my family to continue having good health, as well as my baby granddaughter whose due date is in February.” – Jay Little, IT