Coming Soon: Safe 360

Coming Soon: Safe 360

March 31, 2020

Keeping track of events like vehicle incidents, injuries, close calls, and customer claims is a complicated process, but a software system is coming to GUC to help make it easier and better. This new system – called Safe 360 – will allow GUC to manage events, track safety data, analyze trends, draw insights, meet compliance requirements, and make sharing these findings simple and easy. The new system will allow GUC to improve its Environmental Health & Safety management and support our efforts to keep employees and customers safe. 

“One way it’s different from how incidents are currently handled is that with Safe 360, root causes of incidents will be examined so that they can be prevented in the future,” said Safety Culture Specialist Gary Allen. “The process will use a wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques to uncover causes of problems.” 

The system is named Safe 360 because it encompasses and supports our safety efforts from beginning to end, all the way around, from every angle.  

Safe 360 will be implemented this spring, and training will be available. Keep your eye out for more details.