Chris Hill Receives Industry Honor

Chris Hill Receives Industry Honor

March 31, 2021

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Operations Coordinator Chris Hill was selected by the North Carolina Rural Water Association (NCRWA) as the winner of the 2020 Al Deratt Award for Excellence in WastewaterHe received this award for his dedication to the job, GUC’s wastewater system, and environmental protectionThe Association selects award recipients who set an example for others by going beyond the call of duty to educate themselves and improve the wastewater industry.  

Like many events over the past year, the NCRWA conference and award presentation was cancelled, so to honor the award winnersan article about each honoree appeared in NCRWA's Tarheel Pipeline. You can find Chris’s story in the publication here. 

The article highlights Chris wastewater treatment career (including his seven years at GUC), as well as his professional certifications (Grade IV Biological, Grade III Maintenance Technologist, Grade IV Collections, Land Application, and Spray Irrigation) 

During his six years with GUC, Chris helped developed a program to provide water and wastewater technical skills to employees interested in water/wastewater career (you can read about thiGrow program here). He also managed plant processes to meet future nutrient allocation goals, exceeding aging facility design standards for treatment. In addition, he led the creation of GUC’s Operations Challenge Teamand he led the creation of a calibrated plant model that predicts operational changes and the impact of industries on effluent quality.  

“Chris continues to develop and challenge his staff and has a long history in our profession,” said WWTP Superintendent Jason Manning. “He is very dedicated to the professionalism of plant operations and leads by example. His technical and operational skills are excellent as is his level of dedication to our profession. 

CongratulationsChris, on receiving this statewide honor!