June 2020 Featured Employee: Marcus Pippins

June 2020 Featured Employee: Marcus Pippins

Pipe Layer III
June 15, 2020

Our customers can count on Greenville Utilities to provide them with safe, top-quality drinking water, and our Water Distribution Pipe Crews play a crucial role in making that happen. Marcus Pippins is one of the crew members who strives to provide excellent and reliable service on a daily basis.  
Almost five years ago, Marcus joined GUC as a Pipe Layer with more than eight years of experience in commercial plumbing. Within a few years, Marcus was promoted to the Pipe Layer III position.  
Marcus and his coworkers are primarily responsible for heavy water and sewer main (aka pipe) construction. They also install residential and commercial water and sewer service mains, replace valves, and maintain and repair existing water and sewer mains. Most importantly, when the crew receives a call about any water-related emergencies, they respond and fix the issue, no matter the time of day or night. They’re also responsible for installing fire hydrants and sewer manholes. 
Marcus and his team recently worked on the installation of additional valves on our water mains in Uptown Greenville as part of the City of Greenville’s Town Creek Culvert project. These additional valves play an important role in reliability. “With the extra valves on our water system,Marcus said, “fewer customers are impacted when GUC has to turn off water for construction or emergencies. 

One of the things Marcus says he’s enjoyed most over the years is working with his crew. “This is kind of a brotherhood for us,” he said. “Every day we come in and make sure that our customers have safe and reliable drinking water connections. I also enjoy that I can work outside.” 
Marcus grew up in Greenville in a big family with five brothers and six sisters. After graduating from North Pitt High School, he worked at Vermont American, a manufacturing plant, and then for James L. Cayton Associates, a commercial plumbing company in New Bern, before joining GUC. 
Marcus has four sons, Ja’Marcus (14), Monty (10), and twins Jaxson and Johnathan (2). Last year, Marcus’s son, Monty, participated in our “Value of GUC” campaign. To relay our value message in a fun way, we recruited children of our GUC employees. Monty helped us to create a video about his dad.

In his spare time, Marcus enjoys time with the kids and his fiancé, Sarah. He also likes to watch car races with his friends and enjoy trips to the beach with his family. Another favorite vacation destination is Claremont, NC, where they can relax and spend time away from their busy lives in Greenville.  
One of the ways Marcus gives back to our community is by supporting United Way Campaigns. He also shared that each year his family is happy to participate in GUC’s Family Fun Day.


Movie: Remember the Titans  

TV Show: Sanford and Son  

Sports Team: Duke Blue Devils 

Snack: Spicy Pistachios  

Vacation: Claremont