Optics Nears Completion

Optics Nears Completion

March 1, 2016

Navigate is the final big phase of OPTICS that will give us the crucial elements used to tie all the tools together to improve the overall customer experience. This team is working hard to ensure a successful go-live in the coming months.

Excitement is in the air as we get closer to launching the final new systems from the OPTICS project. Training is in full swing, testing is wrapping up, and customers are being informed of the upcoming changes and benefits they will see.

With all of this excitement and change comes a transition time where employees, and now customers, will be getting used to the new systems. While employees are being trained on how to use the tools, customers are receiving messages and being prepared for what's to come.
Please keep in mind that no matter how much we communicate with customers in advance and throughout the transition, there will be lots of questions from lots of customers. To this end, Public Information staff is creating a Help Page on the GUC website that will have short "how to" videos and information to help customers navigate through the changes. This is important because it's a tool that every employee at GUC can use before and after go-live. We encourage everyone to point customers to our website throughout the transition.

It's been a very busy few months, with much more to come. We encourage you to keep an eye out for more frequent communications about upcoming training, requests from the Core Team, and any other information vital to the project's success.