Electric Mutual Aid Commendation

Electric Mutual Aid Commendation

November 30, 2021

Greenville Utilities has received two Mutual Aid Commendation from the American Public Power Association (APPA) for providing mutual aid power restoration efforts to  the Groton Utilities and Terrebonne Parish Utilities Department in Louisiana. 

 In late August, GUC sent 17 employees from Electric and Fleet, and one employee from ElectriCities, to assist Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) in advance of Hurricane Ida. They worked with LUS in and around Houma, Louisiana, which suffered widespread outages from Ida. For approximately three weeks, our crews worked to help both Groton and Terrebonne Parrish Utilities repair the electric distribution systems that had been damaged by the hurricane. 

 “Mutual aid is at the heart of what public power does,” said Joy Ditto, APPA President & CEO, “and the public power community thanks you for stepping up to help a neighbor in need—whether they are next door or thousands of miles away.” 

 GUC participates in the American Public Power Association’s Mutual Aid Network, which coordinates with utilities and authorities during widespread power outages.