May 2020 Newsmakers

May 2020 Newsmakers

June 2, 2020

Service Awards

George Fuller / 30 Years

George Fuller, Water Resources Systems Supervisor, recently celebrated 30 years of service with GUC. George supervises two heavy construction crews that install, maintain, and repair water/sewer mains, as well as install water and sewer taps. He also supervises four valve and hydrant crews that repair hydrants and connect services. In addition, he coordinates the water system’s flushing program, as well as the valve and hydrant maintenance program. “Being outside and working hard with good people is something I’m thankful for,” he said. ”I am also thankful to God for the support of my wife and family and my three new granddaughters.” 



Julius Phillips / 25 Years

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Operator III Julius Phillips recently celebrated 25 years of service with Greenville Utilities. As an Operator, Julius helps monitor all aspects of the biological treatment process and collects samples from different points in the system for laboratory testing. The information he gathers is entered into the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA), which is the heartbeat of the Plant, and tracks trends at the WWTP. Julius also uses SCADA to monitor our 32 remote sites. Operators are required to go through a rigorous state certification process. Julius is a Grade-4 Certified Wastewater Collection System Operator, which is the highest level. “I appreciate how GUC has allowed me the opportunity to advance in my career over the years,” he said. 



5 Years 

Jacob Barnes, Electric Engineer I 
Karen Foster, WWTP Industrial Pretreatment Specialist 
Heather Manning, Accountant Auditor II 
Allisyn Sanchez, Customer Contact Representative I 
Simon Stroud, Master Mechanic 


10 Years 

Tracy Hodges, Electric Staff Support Specialist III 


15 Years 

Cheryl Irwin, WTP Laboratory Technician II 



Christopher Earls, WTP Lead Operator  



Congratulations to Meter Technician Brandon Garris and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Ainsley Rose.  



Our deepest condolences to Systems Dispatcher Sharon Camacho on the loss of her husband, Wilfred.  

Our condolences also to System Dispatcher Cathy McGowan, Underground Maintenance Crew Leader Michael McGowan, and Systems Dispatcher Autumn Dyson on the loss of Cathy’s father, Harold Adams Gaskins. He was Autumn’s grandfather and Michael’s father-in-law. 

Our deepest sympathies to Staff Support Specialist Lauri Evans and Assistant Stores Manager Chris Evans on the death of Lauri’s father, Willie Vance Briley.  

 Our condolences to Customer Contact Representative Lee Eakes on death of his father, Mr. Willie E. Eakes, who was also a GUC retiree. 

Our condolences to the family of retiree Bobby G. Boyd who recently passed. Mr. Boyd retired from the Gas Department.