Dewatering Facility Stairs

Dewatering Facility Stairs

February 20, 2020

At the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), the Dewatering Facility processes biosolids through a belt filter press designed to remove water from solid material. The resulting product (dewatered biosolids) looks like compacted dirt and is transported to a facility that turns it into high quality mulch and compost. The process helps us meet regulatory guidelines while also protecting the environment.

Operations and Maintenance employees need to access the conveyor belts that move the biosolids from the belt press into the tractor trailer that hauls it away.  The motors, wear parts, and bearings for this system are on the second story of the facility.

During an observation, it was noted that the vertical caged ladder mounted against the building used to reach the belt press exposed employees to a fall hazard because there was not adequate space for them to carry their equipment and tools with them.

To solve the problem, stairs were installed beside the building. The stairs allow employees to more safely access the belt press work area with their equipment.  Because it is easier and safer to access this area with the new stairs, the amount of operational oversight and frequency of preventative maintenance has greatly increased.