iLead Kicks Off

iLead Kicks Off

May 30, 2016

Greenville Utilities' new iLead program is in full swing with the first class of 16 employees. iLead is an internal leadership, education, and development program for participants to prepare themselves to compete for leadership positions at GUC. Applicants must show potential for (or demonstrated) leadership abilities, community interest and involvement, and the desire to assume expanded leadership responsibility.

"iLead provides an opportunity for motivated, capable employees to enhance their upward mobility and compete with the outside market," said Director of Human Resources Richie Shreves.

Earlier this year, employees applied to the program by completing an assessment and multi-step screening process, which included an interview by a cross-functional Succession Planning Selection Committee.

The 16 employees selected to participate in iLead will receive general "core curriculum" training that will include topics such as project management and leadership essentials, as well as assignments like attending certain meetings and conducting a group project. They will also be required to complete each of the programs identified in the core curriculum. In addition, they will have individual development plans specific to their unique needs. This will include things like trade or professional organization activities, mentoring or job shadowing, civic organization participation, etc.

This 9-month program will wrap up in December, when HR will begin taking applications for the 2017 iLead class.

GUC's first iLead class began with an orientation last month, where employees got an overview of each GUC department from the Management Team. The 2016 iLead participants are:  Russ Carson, Deanna Castellow, Alan Cummings, Scott Farmer, George Fuller, Jason Hardee, Kevin Keyzer, Jason Manning, Billy Moseley, Brian Murphy, Tyler Nichols, Alan Payne, Carrie Peed, John Powell, Chris Rouse, and David Springer.