Lighthouse Has Banner Year

Lighthouse Has Banner Year

January 24, 2019

2018 was a banner year for the Lighthouse process with data that set new records.

A total of 3,042 observations were completed in 2018. That’s a 48% increase from 2017. These observations provided an opportunity for employees to talk about safe and at-risk behaviors and bring safety to the forefront of their minds. During those conversations, 33,321 safe behaviors were reinforced. A total of 73 at-risk behaviors were discussed as well, leading to more awareness of risks and how to avoid them.

Another important result of observations and the discussion of at-risk behaviors is they allowed for the removal of five major barriers to safe behavior in 2018. Several other barriers are in the process of being remedied as well. Be sure to visit and click on the Safety tab to see videos about the barriers that have been removed.

Thank you to the Lighthouse Steering Team, Lighthouse Observers, and every employee who has agreed to be observed. This process shows that when we look out for each other and put safety first, we all win.  Have a safe year!