Chris Candler Retires

Chris Candler Retires

January 11, 2019

Chris Candler, Systems Dispatcher II in the Electric Department, recently retired after 32 years of service with Greenville Utilities. In addition to working in Station 1, Chris also worked in the Finance Department’s Credit Section for nine years.

As a Dispatcher, Chris was actively involved in many aspects of the Station 1 Control Room activity such as monitoring and operating our Electric SCADA System; monitoring our Gas SCADA System; switching orders to reroute power for crews doing substation maintenance, working with construction, or restoring power; and handling our customers in hundreds of different scenarios. Dispatchers also monitor the 24-hour weather radar and lightning detection system that we use in making many operational decisions.

Early in his career with GUC, Chris was also in and out of tours of duty with the Marine Corps. Between active duty and reserves, he served with the Marines for 22 years. Throughout his years with GUC, Chris also served on the United Way Committee and coordinated March of Dimes when GUC was involved with that non-profit.

“I’ve enjoyed my career here at Greenville Utilities,” said Chris. “GUC was good to me, especially during my time in the military reserves and tours of duty. What I’ll miss the most is how everyone here comes together as a team during emergencies, and customers get to see us at our best.”

In retirement, Chris plans to enjoy more big game hunting, fishing, and riding his Harley. He also plans to marry his fiancé (and high school sweetheart), Debra. Together they plan to travel and spend more time with their families.

Chris, we wish you the best in retirement!