Open Enrollment 2016

Open Enrollment 2016

Important Notices
November 22, 2016

Open enrollment for Greenville Utilities benefits will come to a close on November 30th, so be sure to visit if you have not done so already. A link to the information about this year's enrollment for next calendar year (2017) can be found under the Human Resources Department page on MyGUC. In the left hand column is a link for "GUC Benefits" that contains all of the documents and information for benefits. In the lower right corner of that page is a link to the information about this year's open enrollment.




What's new?

There will be two Cigna dental plans offered for 2017. Every eligible employee wishing to either continue dental coverage or enroll for the first time must enroll using the Cigna Enrollment/Change form (found under the Open Enrollment heading) or by electing the coverage under Employee Self-Service in EBS. In the past, those who already had dental coverage did not have to re-enroll, but this year is different and everyone must re-enroll.

Under the heading "Health/Vision/Dental Insurance" is the 2017 Benefits Guide which has information about the two new dental plans being offered for 2017.

Important Deadlines

All enrollment/change forms for Health/Dental and Cafeteria Plans are due in the Human Resources Department no later than November 30, 2016. Also, if you elect to make changes electronically with EBS, the deadline is also November 30, 2016.

Every employee must complete a Spousal Surcharge Affidavit and a Tobacco Use Affidavit for 2017. Affidavits are due in Human Resources no later than November 30, 2016. If you do not submit the affidavits, you will be assessed surcharges.