Barrier Removed: Portable Fuel Pump

Barrier Removed: Portable Fuel Pump

April 23, 2018

When crews use equipment like backhoes, excavators, mini excavators, and tractors, fuel is required to operate them. They take extra fuel with them to the job site in a portable tank so that if they run out of fuel, they don’t have to stop work and go to a fueling station to keep working.

During an observation, it was noted that it took a long time – around 30 minutes of cranking – to fuel up, and two employees were needed to operate the hand crank. All of that cranking put employees at risk for strain on their back and arms from the repetitive motion needed to pump the fuel.

Through discussion, it was determined that an electric fuel pump would remove this barrier. The new pump operates very much like the pumps at the gas stations we all use. It alleviates the risk of injury for employees, and is more efficient at the same time.

Chalk up another barrier removed thanks to the Lighthouse process!