Linda Hinton Retires

Linda Hinton Retires

October 31, 2019

Linda Hinton recently retired after 22 years of service with Greenville Utilities. As a Systems Dispatcher, Linda was one of the friendly voices our customers heard when calling Station 1, our 24/7 control center. During the day, Linda and the other dispatchers handled calls about electric outages and natural gas emergencies. After regular business hours, the range of calls broadened to include whatever customer service needs arose. “It was never boring, and always rewarding,” said Linda. “I liked making sure our customers knew that someone cared about their issue and that help was on the way if they needed it.”

Linda especially liked the close-knit, family environment she found at GUC. “There are so many stories of GUC folks coming together to help one another,” she said. Linda lost everything during the flood following Hurricane Floyd in 1999. “That year for Christmas my kids really wanted bicycles,” she said. “On Christmas Eve, a group of employees showed up at our house with bikes and gifts for our whole family. It was like a Christmas miracle,” she said.

In her retirement, Linda is thinking about going back to school to study business administration. She might take piano lessons, too. She’s already started taking exercise classes at the Alice F. Keene District Park. Linda is looking forward to having more time to spend with her four sons and 12 grandchildren as well.

We will miss you, Linda! Best of luck in your retirement.