April 2021 Featured Employee: Mickey Dawson

April 2021 Featured Employee: Mickey Dawson

April 26, 2021

Mickey Dawson enjoys going above and beyond to help out with whatever is needed at GUC, whether it’s in his department or another department.  

As a Gas Technician III, Mickey works on a crew of five whose primary job is to install new 2, 4, and 6-inch gas mains. They also help run gas services, fabricate commercial meter sets, and fix leaks – basically, whatever needs to be done. 

Mickey joined GUC in 2014 as a Gas Technician I and was later promoted to Gas Technician II. He worked for a while as a Utility Locator, and then came back to his crew as a Gas Technician III. “My crew and my department are what I like most about working at GUC,” he said. “We work really well together and are like a family. 

Working together to make sure everyone stays safe and doesn’t get hurt is another part of his job that Mickey appreciates. “Working with natural gas has the potential to be dangerous at times,” he said. “Knowing that our crew is taking care of each other to make sure nothing bad happens makes us even more like a family.” 

That focus on working safely is what led Mickey to become a Lighthouse Observer in 2016. Pretty soon afterwards, he joined the Lighthouse Steering Team and in June 2019, he became the Lighthouse Facilitator. He alternates his weeks between his Gas Department responsibilities and Lighthouse. “I really like that Lighthouse is employee-driven and finds ways we can eliminate exposures by removing barriers. I also enjoy working with the Lighthouse Steering Team. They are a great group to work with. 

Working together doesn’t stop there for Mickey. He and his crew work on logistics for the Storm Team. When GUC operates under storm mode, the Storm Team ensures things are taken care of like lodging for out-of-town mutual aid crews, meals, snacks, drinks, ice – whatever is needed.  They also help deliver supplies and materials to crews so they don’t have to come back to Stores to reload. “It’s really rewarding to help make sure things are handled,” he said. 

Mickey’s crew works at the GUC blood drives, too. And when there are special occasions within the Gas Department, they are the ones who are asked to do the cooking. “We do a lot together outside of our regular work and because of that we have become really close,” he said. “That makes coming to work a pleasure.” 

Born and bred in Grifton, Mickey still lives just across the road from his dad. He graduated from North Lenoir High School and attended Lenoir Community College. He worked in farming throughout school. He recently married his wife, Candi. Between them, they have three kids -- his son Brendan (16)and her daughters Becca (23) and Tori (20).  

In what little free time he has available, Mickey does a lot of carpentry side jobs and keeps up with Candi’s “honey do” list. Most recently, he built her a flower bed. He also likes to hunt whenever he gets the chance. 


Sports Team: Duke Basketball
Favorite TV Show: Chicago PD
Favorite Vacation: Mountains
Favorite Movie: Tombstone