Mono Jones Retires

Mono Jones Retires

June 30, 2021

Mono Jones, Electric Substation Lineworker II, recently retired after 21 years of service. Mono was part of the Electric Substation Construction/Maintenance Crew that is responsible for the structural work when a substation is being built or modified. He worked on everything from erecting steel beams to installing foundations, underground facilities, feeder breakers, transformers, and other equipment. Mono also helped maintain the mechanical and large electrical components of the equipment at our substations.  

“The employees are what I liked most about working at GUC,” said Mono. “Everybody is part of a friendly brotherhood. We had a bond from working together for so long. We became like family.”  

In his retirement, Mono plans to be a stay-at-home dad while his daughter finishes high school. He’s also going to work part-time doing maintenance at the Residence Inn in Greenville. 

Congratulations, Mono! We will miss you!