New CSI Structure Gets Thumbs Up

New CSI Structure Gets Thumbs Up

April 30, 2022

At the end of 2021, we shared the new Corporate Safety Initiative (CSI) governance structure that is designed to give all employees a voice and a process in matters involving safety. The new system is working well, and employees have good things to say! 

Here’s a quick overview.  

The CSI structure is made up of three groups: the CSI Executive Team, the CSI Program Team, and multiple CSI Department Teams. All employees are part of a Department Team, and those teams are meeting regularly to discuss and share safety information and concerns.   

Each Department Team has a CSI Rep who takes any concerns that come up within the Department Team to the CSI Program Team. They then bring back information to the Department Team, all with the goal of having a full circle of communication. “Department teams are great,” said one employee. “It’s good to know that our concerns are being taken to the Program Team so that something can be done to address concerns. It’s refreshing to know we’re being heard.”  

Communicating concerns across departments is a big benefit of the Program Team. “If one department is having an issue,” said another employee, “chances are another department is having the same issue and we can find solutions that work across the whole organization, not just department by department. Breaking down those barriers and sharing information are working out well.” 

Stay tuned for more about how all employees are working together to reduce exposures and stay safe.