Lighthouse Steering Team Update

Lighthouse Steering Team Update

August 31, 2022

Lighthouse is a peer-to-peer employee-led safety process that relies on participation from employees throughout GUC to make it work. 

The Steering Team is comprised of representatives from each department. They meet monthly to discuss how the process is working, look at barriers to controlling exposures that have been identified during observations, as well as plan and implement training, coaching, and process updates. 

The current Steering Team members are Chris Bright (Gas), Linda Clark (Public Information), Mickey Dawson (Gas), Brian Greer (Water Treatment Plant), Chris Hudson (Electric), Kristen Jarman (Wastewater Treatment Plant), Stephen Leggett (Electric), Jason Owens (Water Resources), and Brandie Whitehurst (Finance). 

Please reach out to any Steering Team member with questions, ideas, or anything related to Lighthouse. Working together, we keep each other safe, every day!