Parading Our Holiday Spirit

Parading Our Holiday Spirit

December 10, 2019

We continued our tradition of participating in the Greenville Jaycees’ Christmas Parade on December 7th. For the fourth time, it was held at night, so the parade was filled with festive, twinkling lights.

This year, for the first time, we put together a parade committee of employees from each operating department who planned and organized all parade preparations. We also added a sewer truck and a Gas truck to the parade lineup. The committee included Linda Clark (Public Information), Erin Walton (Public Information), Monica Dixon (IT), Tracy Hodges (Electric), Robby Bright (Gas), Tammy Forrest (Customer Relations), and Joe Bronsink (Water Resources).

Employees from all departments came together to make beautiful and fun decorations for the float and trucks, and then put it all together in the days leading up to the parade. Many thanks to the following employees for their hard work in prepping for the parade! Electric: Jeffery Williams, Mike Ashley, Nick Gibson, Matt McLawhorn, Matthew Craft, Zack Kruger, Shawn Adams, and Robbie Mooring. Gas: Dillion Wade, Glenn Crumpler, Chris Bright, Tony Richards, Cutler Elks, and Tucker Foell. Water Resources: Adam Evans, Derek Averill, Tony Haywood, Charles Hathaway, Chris Rouse, Corbin Congleton, John Roebuck, and Wayne Wilson. Anna Hinton with Customer Relations and Lena Previll with Human Resources.

Special thanks also to Electric, Gas, and Water Resources employees who operated the GUC parade vehicles. Mono Jones drove the electric line truck and pulled the float. Chris Rouse drove a decorated Compressed Natural Gas truck. John Hart operated the decorated sewer truck. And Jeffery Rouse operated a bucket truck for local media to get an overhead view of the parade.

Many employees and their family members braved the cold weather to share their holiday joy on our float this year: Juliet Telfair (Customer Relations), Tyler Reynolds (IT), Jarret McGalliard (Water Resources), Matthew May (Finance), Amanda Coldren (Finance), Colleen Sicley (Customer Relations), Keith Godbey (WWTP), and Kate Kosolapova (Public Information).

Thanks for making us look good!

Photos are available for download on a special web link at