Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor

April 30, 2021

GUC’s Neighbor to Neighbor program received a $10,440 donation from the Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church. In past years, they have raised the funds through their annual Taste Testing Luncheon. With this year’s event being cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, the group continued their fundraising efforts through donations from their church members. 

During the April GUC Board Meeting, Women of First Presbyterian co-chair Dr. Linda Kean was recognized for her efforts in spearheading the fundraiser. This is the 19th year the Presbyterian Women have supported our Neighbor to Neighbor programWith GUC’s match, they are responsible for raising a total of $334,584. 

“We are truly appreciative of the generosity shown by the ladies of the First Presbyterian Church,” said Scott Mullis, Director of Customer Relations. “They have always been a tremendous partner in our efforts to raise money for those in need within Pitt County. Their contribution this year is especially important because of the financial impact the pandemic has had on some of our customers. 

Last August, GUC contributed an additional $30,000 to the Neighbor to Neighbor program to help customers struggling to pay their utility bills due to unemployment or hospitalization due to COVID-19.   

Neighbor to Neighbor Highlights 
Our Neighbor to Neighbor program meets local needs by providing funds to assist low-income families in Pitt County with their heating bills. It is a voluntary program supported through customers’ tax-deductible contributions. GUC matches the contributions up to $20,000 each year.  

Neighbor to Neighbor is a partnership between GUC and the Pitt County Department of Social Services (DSS). DSS screens applicants, determines eligibility, and distributes the funds during the heating season of December – March. Since the program began in 2001, $700,000 has been raised for heating assistance. 

Please join us in thanking our customers and community organizations for another successful year in raising funds for our neighbors in need.