New Operations Center Construction Update

New Operations Center Construction Update

June 2020
June 17, 2020

Imagine never having to worry about evacuating the Operations Center again due to flooding. We’re close to that reality, as the new GUC Operations Center will be move-in ready soon. 

Under construction since early 2019, three new buildings are scheduled to be substantially completed by August. After the furniture, IT equipment, and other designated equipment are installed, employees could begin moving into their new workspaces as early as September. The transition to the new Shops, Stores Warehouse, and the Engineering and Operations Building will include the Call Center and the Occupational Health Clinic. We will provide more details on timing as the schedules start to firm up.  

The new buildings have many exciting changes. “It started with the simple desire to build a new Operations Center that would not flood and we would not have to evacuate,” said Chief Administrative Officer Chris Padgett. “After that, there was a strong desire for us (the Operations Center Work Team) to find ways to bring workgroups together, incorporate best practices in building design and efficiencies, and create better equity among workplaces. We hope employees will walk into the new buildings and see that we used their input, along with ideas and best practices gathered from visits to several other operations centers.” 

Possibly the biggest changes people will notice are the abundant meeting rooms and large common working areas in the middle of the operating departments’ areas. This will create a more open work environment and allow natural light to flow through the inside of the buildings. It also makes it easier for people to work together. We’ll talk about some of the building’s other features in the coming months.  

A moving company will help bring items to the new facility, but employees who will move to the new Operations Center should start planning what they will bring. Supervisors will be able to provide guidance on what items can be brought over as well as how to properly label filing cabinets and already designated chairs that will make the move. 

Next month, we’ll provide more details about building features, how to get into the facility, where to park, where various offices and workspaces will be located, and other important information. 

The Operations Center Work Team includes Vincent Malvarosa (Finance), Kevin Keyzer (Finance), Chris Padgett (GMO), Durk Tyson (Gas), John Worrell (Electric), Roger Jones (Electric), David Springer (Water Resources), and Tony Godwin (IT). 


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