Cleve Haddock Receives Industry Award

Cleve Haddock Receives Industry Award

April 24, 2020

Procurement Manager Cleve Haddock was presented with the prestigious Hall-Wicker Award in early March. The Hall-Wicker Award, which was established in 1996 by the Carolinas Association of Government Purchasing (CAGP), recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions and service to the cause and advancement of the purchasing profession.  

Cleve has served as President, Past President, and Conference Chair of the CAGP and also serves on various committees for the Association. Not only does Cleve have a passion for the CAGP, but for public procurement in itself,” said Laura Jones, Onslow County Purchasing Director and last year’s recipient of this award.He is trustworthy, continually looking for ways to improve things, and always available to offer guidance. He has become a friend to many of us and has kept us calm when things got stormy. Those who have worked with him have the highest respect for his work and contribution to the purchasing profession. 

Cleve earned his Certified Licensed Governmental Purchasing Officer (CLGPO) in 2016 and was also awarded the Billy D. Ray Purchaser of the Year in 2016. He has written skits to use in conference training videos as well as ethics videos to be shared with industry colleagues across the country. In 2018, CAGP was nationally recognized with an award for one of Cleve’s ethics videos. “I am humbled to receive this honor, the highest award that CAGP offers,” said Cleve. 

Outside of work, Cleve contributes his skills to help raise funds for charitable organizations such as Hospice, the Wounded Warriors, the Rotary Club, and local law enforcement agencies. “As a musician himself, Cleve has also been largely responsible for securing entertainment and photography for us all to enjoy during our conferences,” said Mrs. Jones. “He is professional, organized, and always looking to make a unique pitch about why purchasing officers should be involved in the CAGP organization. It was my privilege to present this prestigious award to my friend and colleague.”