Meet The Lighthouse Steering Team

Meet The Lighthouse Steering Team

January 8, 2020

From left: Billy Owens, Chris Hudson, Stacy Vanderburg, Brandie Whitehurst, Kevin Hudson, Mickey Dawson, Linda Clark, and Karen Foster

The Lighthouse Steering Team is comprised of employees from all areas of Greenville Utilities. They guide the process, conduct training, coach Observers, and work with departments to remove barriers. These employees meet monthly to review how the process is working and develop plans for continuously improving how Lighthouse operates. Please reach out to any Steering Team member with questions, ideas, or anything related to Lighthouse. Working together, we keep each other safe, every day!

Mickey Dawson
Lighthouse Facilitator and Gas Systems Technician III

Billy Owens
Overhead Lineworker First Class, Electric

Kevin Hudson
Pipe Layer III, Water Resources

Linda Clark
Part Time Communications Specialist, Public Information

Chris Hudson
Underground Lineworker Third Class, Electric

Karen Foster
Industrial Pretreatment Specialist, Water Resources

Stacy Vanderburg
Gas Systems Operator I

Brandie Whitehurst
Senior Administrative Assistant, Finance