UpSkill In Full Swing

UpSkill In Full Swing

Program helps you update your skills
September 29, 2016

Higher education costs continue to soar, and as GUC plans for the future, one of the most important investments it can make is in its people. In 2015, an ad hoc team (comprised of Chris Padgett, Sue Hatch who was later replaced with Steve Hawley, Amy Quinn, George Reel and Richie Shreves) began an innovative new skills curriculum known as UpSkill.

"UpSkill is an essential skills development program that launched earlier this year," Richie said. "Through the program, employees can voluntarily attend sessions to develop the skills they feel are necessary to do their jobs better and potentially help advance their careers at GUC."

Training topics focus on skills you need to develop to help succeed in the workplace: leadership development, supervisory training, customer service skills, communication skills, and computer literacy, just to name a few. The courses are coordinated by the GUC Training Office where Carol Bazemore either teaches the courses or arrange for students to enroll in classes taught by faculty from area colleges and universities. The best part about UpSkill is that it's absolutely free. 

So where do you go to sign up? You can easily sign up for classes by following these simple steps.

  1. Log into the My GUC site and click on "Career Advancement" under the Shortcuts menu on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Click on UpSkill
  3. From there, you will see the UpSkill menu and you can click on the 2016 UpSkill course catalog.
  4. Scroll down for the UpSkill catalog.

And Voila!

As you scroll down, be sure to review the catalog to discover topics that interest you.  With each topic listed, you will find a list of specific courses along with the learning objectives and applied skills you can expect to acquire.

Classes are categorized and include subjects like Customer Service, Diversity, Personal and Career Development, and Leadership. Some courses may be listed more than once under different categories as they are applicable to many different subject areas.

Also review the training Calendar on the My GUC UpSkill page for planned classes or contact your department's admin for assistance.

To sign up and register this class or for information on upcoming courses, contact Carol Bazemore, Training Officer at 551-1499 or

Happy Learning!