Dan Oglesby Retires

Dan Oglesby Retires

Energy Services Officer
December 30, 2016

Energy Services Officer Dan Oglesby recently retired after 20 years of service with Greenville Utilities. Dan performed energy surveys that gave helpful, reliable, money-saving information to our residential and commercial customers. He checked things like insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, heating/cooling efficiency, air leaks, and other energy-related items that helped customers make informed decisions about improvements.

Dan will now be giving a lot more of his time to his local church while participating in mission trips and disaster relief efforts. He also has a lengthy bucket list that includes trips to Spain and Ireland, commercial fishing trips, hiking adventures, and home improvement projects. Dan also is looking forward to spending more time with his wife of 37 years, Elena, and their adult son, John.

While the exciting adventures of retirement await him, Dan says he will certainly miss GUC. "It has been a pleasure working with world-class folks in a world-class organization for these 20-some years," he said. "There have been a lot of customers I've enjoyed helping along the way. I love empowering customers with information to help them gain more control over their utility usage. I pray you all enjoy your careers as much as I have enjoyed mine and are blessed abundantly in every way."

Congrats on your retirement, Dan!