New Lighthouse Facilitator

New Lighthouse Facilitator

Mickey Dawson
August 23, 2019

Lighthouse has a new Facilitator. Mickey Dawson took the reins in July. He is a Gas Systems Technician III, has been a Lighthouse Observer since 2016, and joined the Steering Team last July. “I think Lighthouse works because it is all about employees looking out for each other,” said Mickey.

 The Facilitator is crucial to the success of Lighthouse. During this special assignment, Mickey will work with the Lighthouse Steering team and our current Observers. He will also coordinate, promote, and further develop the process. He’ll spend half his time in his new office in the Human Resources wing, and half working his regular job in the Gas department, usually in week-long increments.

 “I’m happy to have a more active role in Lighthouse,” said Mickey. “I’m looking forward to helping the process continue to be successful and grow.”

 Congratulations Mickey!



Brian Greer, WTP Maintenance Mechanic III, handed over the reins of Lighthouse to Mickey after serving as Facilitator for 2 ½ years. The Lighthouse process was in place when Brian became Facilitator, and during his tenure, it has grown and thrived. At that time, we were performing less than 100 observations per month; we’re currently conducting almost 300 per month. In addition, numerous barriers to safe behavior have been removed.

“I was able to work with a great Steering Team,” said Brian. “I also enjoyed meeting lots of people and developing new working relationships.” 

Brian also served on the National Steering Committee for DEKRA’s Safety In Action Conference. This annual conference has approximately 2,500 attendees from many countries.

“I hope my work has had a positive impact on GUC’s safety culture,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the process continue to improve and develop.”