Inside GUC’s LinkedIn Learning

Inside GUC’s LinkedIn Learning

May 21, 2020

Our Training Office has launched a new tool for us, and it’s especially easy to use during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. You can learn, grow, and be more effective and successful not only at work, but at home through LinkedIn Learning.  
Recently, all employees received an email from the Training Office on how to access your new LinkedIn Learning (LiL) account. There is also a short video by E-Learning Instructional Designer/Trainer Carrie Peed on how to use this learning tool (check out the Training Office email or click here). We encourage you to take time to create your account, watch the video, and start exploring all that LiL has to offer - anytime, anywhere, any subject that you choose, and on any device (desktop, iPad, laptop, iPhone or your personal phone including Android with LinkedIn’s app). 

As of early May, 140 employees have activated their LiL account. You’ll discover a new and easier way to learn more through having access to over 14,000 courses,” said Training Officer Carol Bazemore. “Feel free to search using any tag, and you’ll be amazed with the content at your fingertips.  

Meter Crew Leader Allen Lyles and his crews have been using LiL’s customer service courses. “With the pandemic affecting many of our customers,” he said, “we have been focusing on topics like Deescalating intense situations to help prepare us for situations we may never have dealt with before. I like that LinkedIn Learning gives us the ability to select the courses we feel will benefit us the most, and that we can set weekly goal times from 15 to 120 minutes depending on our schedules. There is something pertinent for everyone with these courses.” 

What is LinkedIn? 

The world's largest professional network on the internet used by millions to connect and strengthen professional relationships. 

What is LinkedIn Learning (LiL)?  

  1. Some of you may be familiar with, which was created in 1995 and became the leading online learning platform for individuals to learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal/professional goals.   
  2. LinkedIn acquired in 2015.   
  3. In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn and now offers LinkedIn Learning to businesses and individuals.  

Why LinkedIn Learning at GUC? 

  1. 475 employees work in various locations with unique work schedules.  
  2. Each employee has specialized skill sets, abilities, knowledge and learning needs.  
  3. GUC wants every employee who desires growth and opportunity to learn now and not later.  
  4. Why wait for a class to be scheduled on your preferred topic when you can access it whenever you want or need it?  

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Learning? 

  1. It offers high-quality, beginner-to-advanced course content, produced and led by over 800 industry experts on business, leadership, technology, and creative topics for in-depth instruction and microlearning.  
  2. Once you activate your account, it’s easily accessible from any device.  
  3. It accommodates all learning styles whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen with course transcripts, closed caption, or audio-only courses. 
  4. GUC’s Training Office can support you and your department in creating specialized learning paths to align with your core training needs and internal programs. 

Check it out, and remember, we are here virtually to help you get started and support you,” said Carol. “Please email, call, or contact us via MS Teams with any questions. Be safe, stay healthy and keep learning at GUC! 

Training Office Contact Information: 

Carol Bazemore - or (252) 375-9406 

Carrie Peed - or (252) 917-3654