New Customer Online Portal Goes Live 

New Customer Online Portal Goes Live 

January 14, 2021

In July of 2016, GUC implemented several new technology platforms, one of which was a new Customer Self Service Portal. This portal has been well utilized, and feedback from customers indicated a need to offer a few additional features.As such, a new Customer Self Service Portal was developed and went live on Monday, January 11th 

New & Better 
We are excited about the new features of the portal that will simplify processes for our customers,” said Interim Director of Customer Relations Scott Mullis.  There are also many new options for customers. Here are some highlights: 

  • Online bill payments, as well as scheduling payments and requesting payment extensions; 
  • The option to safely save payment information, such as bank account or credit card details; 
  • Easily start, stop, and transfer service; 
  • Text to Pay; 
  • Email Fast Pay; 
  • Customized text and email messaging; 
  • Easy-to-understand graphs comparing monthly usage to the previous year’s usage;
  • Enhanced security; 
  • Easy sign up for popular services like AutoPay, Budget Billing, paperless billing, and text notifications; and  
  • Portal site available in Spanish   

But Wait, There’s More 
The upgrades do not stop there. We have a new payment vendor that allows customers to pay over the phone using their checking or savings accounts, with no convenience fees. If they like, customers can securely save their payment information for future use.  

The new vendor charges a lower convenience fee, so if customers pay with their debit or credit card, they’ll likely save a little. As a reminder, those fees go directly to the vendor; GUC does not profit from them. 

Please note, there is a new phone number to call to pay over the phone. The new number is 1-844-507-3636. Customers can also call 252-752-7166. 

It’s Easy to Get Started 
There are a couple of things customers need to know to start using the new portal. 

The link to the portal is on or you can go straight to  

Customers will first need to create a new online account (even if they had one in the old system). To do this, they’ll need their GUC account number and GUC PIN. If unsure of their PIN, it is likely the last four digits of their social security number. If that doesn’t work, or they don’t remember the PIN they created, they can call 252-752-7166 for help with setting up a new one. 

Getting the Word Out 
We shared information about the portal with customers through our Connections newsletter and e-newsletter, bill messaging, targeted emails, ads in The Daily Reflector and, radio commercials, and social media posts. 

The Team 
Hats off to the team that made the portal a reality! They worked together completely remotely to get this project done and they did it with excellence. Courtney Basile was the Project Manager, Becky Pope was Program Manager, and Kim Coggins was Project Manager for the new payment vendor part of the effort. Other team members on the project were Robin Nichols,  Cindy Burke, Colleen  Sicley, Shannon Oakley, Brian Weigand,  Linda Clark, Emily Garner, and Steve Hawley, with assists from IT’s  Todd Cannon, Aaron Johnson, John  Bartolotti, Chris Ray, and Randy Stokes. Project Stakeholders were Andy Anderson, Jeff McCauley, Keith Jones, Scott Mullis, and  George Reel.  

“What this team accomplished is extraordinary. To start a project of this scope and magnitude during a pandemic, and see it through to completion on time and within budget is a significant accomplishment,” said IT Director Andy Anderson.  “While the project wasn’t without its challenges, the team worked together to overcome and did so with determination, agility, and poise.”