Gary  Shelton Retires

Gary  Shelton Retires

August 31, 2021

Gary  Shelton, Lead Operator at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), has retired after 21 years with Greenville Utilities. Gary was part of our team of Operators responsible for regulating the treatment process by continuously monitoring and testing the water as it comes in from the Tar River and makes its way through the plant. They make adjustments and chemical changes as needed and treat an average of 14.1 million gallons a day.  

Gary also worked with the WTP Lab and Maintenance teams to ensure that our water quality meets regulatory requirements. State and federal regulatory agencies set strict standards to ensure that the public has safe drinking water, and GUC’s water is consistently superior to the standards set by regulators. Operators and Lab Technicians work together to not only test water throughout the treatment process, but also throughout the distribution system. “We do this by rotating a sample schedule through test sites at our elevated storage tanks, pump station wells, and interconnects with other water systems,” said Gary.  

When asked what he’s enjoyed the most in his GUC career, he echoed what most retirees say, his coworkers. “We also do a lot of troubleshooting and working with Maintenance staff, and I enjoyed that part of the job as well.” 

Gary is certified by the NC Water Treatment Facility Operations Certification Board in A-Well, A-Surface, and C-Distribution and he also has his Maintenance Technologist Certification from North Carolina American Water Works Association – Water Environment Association.  

Before joining GUC, Gary worked in both operations and maintenance for the City of Wilson’s Water Treatment Plant, so he is retiring with 33 years in the water treatment industry. Because of this experience, he also assisted with training new Operators at the Plant. 

Gary lives on his great-grandfather’s farm in Stantonsburg and looks forward to shifting his work to the family farm - tending to blueberries, grapevines, and assorted vegetables. “I’m the designated farm manager,” he said, “so who knows what else I’ll get growing out there now that I’ll have more time for it.” 

Gary, we wish you the best of luck in retirement!